Broadband Access & Broadband Services

Broadband Access & Broadband Services

What is "Broadband"

The term "Broadband" is used for an advanced and innovative environment, from a social and technological point of view, which is composed of fast connections with the Internet and suitable network structures for the development of new broadband applications and services.

Broadband in plain words

Easy: Continuous connection to the Internet with no complexities
Fast: High Speed (10 - 100 times higher than the conventional connection) for new applications
Steadily: Reliable digital connections with guaranteed steady and high performance

Definition of “Broadband”

Broadband -in a “broader” sense-, is an advanced, feasible and innovative environment from a political, social, economical and technological point of view, which provides:

- Fast connections to the Internet for as many customers as possible, with competitive prices (as it is a consuming product) and with no inherent limitations not only in the transmission systems but for the terminal equipment of two communicating poles.

- Suitable network structure that: a) allows shared development of the existing and future network applications and information services, b) provides streaming of the users at the above mentioned services, c) fulfills applications’ requirements each time in terms of broad banding, feedback and availability and d) it is continuously upgraded at a low cost in order to keep fulfilling the needs, as they develop and mutate in a growth rate and cost that are dictated by the progress of information technology and the technology of telecommunications.

- The ability for the consumer, to choose: a) among alternative connection offers that are compatible with his equipment, b) among various network applications and c) among a variety of several information and entertaining services, with the possibility of his own participation at the provision of content, applications and services.

- The appropriate regulating context consisting of policies, measures, initiatives, direct and indirect interventions for the reinforcement of innovation, protection of the competition, and the guarantee of a serious, well-balanced economic growth, capable of coming out from a generalized participation in Broadband connection and Information Society.